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Come to My Farm for Classes!

Do you wish you could get away for an afternoon to a cozy log cabin in the woods and bring home something that you made--and a new skill?

I am now offering classes so you can do just that! I want to share two things I am passionate about with you: soap making and cheese making. You will learn how to make beautiful, wholesome, natural soap with farm fresh cow's milk in the soap class. In the 30 minute mozzarella class, you will learn how easy it is to transform a gallon of farm fresh milk into a pound of artisan style cheese.

To kick it off, I am offering soap making classes on Black Friday and the day after. It's a dream come true... you can spend Black Friday in the quiet of a small farm AND make Christmas presents while you are there!!

All materials and ingredients are provided. Both classes are limited to 3 participants per event. Soap classes are available both on preset dates and by appointment. Cheese classes are by appointment.

Sign up now!

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