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Feeding My Pigs Soy-Free Is For the Benefit of My Customers, Not My Bottom Line

How could something that was once a nutritional powerhouse become a scourge in the space of one or two generations? 

Wheat was the resource that allowed humans in the Fertile Crescent to build cities where art and science could flourish.  I developed a massive wheat intolerance after a lifetime of eating it. Do you know anyone who can't eat wheat?

Numerous foods that people have eaten for generations are becoming inflammatory or allergenic. I believe it's because farming practices are changing in ways that maximize profit but make food harder to digest. I believe it's also because we are in such a hurry to get food into our mouths that we bypass traditional ways of preparing it. Allowing wheat to ferment with wild yeast takes time, but fermentation breaks down harmful compounds into a nourishing food. I can eat bread made from ancient wheat varieties that are naturally leavened.

Soy is another example of an ancient nutrient powerhouse that has found its way into the modern industrial food model, at the expense of the traditional ways of preparing it. Many people today have soy allergies, probably some of whom don't even know it. Soy mimics estrogen, and there is concern that it can disrupt our natural hormone balance. Soy benefits from being fermented, but most modern uses of soy skip that important step.

Soy is the king of protein sources in animal feed because it's easy to produce on an industrial scale. It's a cheap commodity. It packs a punch. 

But MY goal is not to produce the cheapest commodity meat I can. Pork is another food that lots of people say they can't eat because it makes them feel gross. If you want cheap meat, go to the grocery store and you will find commodity pork. My goal is to produce meat that will nourish people and that they can eat without feeling sick afterwards. I do this by giving my pigs a diet that optimizes their health. They eat forage and grass. They eat leftover milk and whey. And the grain that I supplement them with is soy free. 

It would be a lot cheaper to get pig feed with soy as the protein source. But cheap is not my goal. Good health is my goal. 


Get my pasture raised pork here!

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