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Now Taking Pre-Orders for Raw Milk!!

Updated: Jun 17

A bunch of my friends have asked if they could buy milk since my cow freshened recently, but I haven't been able to sell it yet. Why? Because there is so much more to selling milk than just having a dairy cow!

Making Good Milk Isn't Easy, but It's Worth It

When I got my first goat (I have cows now), like most new milkers I was casual about milking hygiene and only chilled it by sticking it in the fridge. Why? Because I was busy, it was good enough, and it's a lot of work producing top quality milk. That milk that would not have been safe for all demographics to consume and it didn't have a long shelf life.

Even commercial dairy farms have milk that is dirty. Because it's going to get pasteurized before being processed, they can get away with poor hygiene.

Making the Best Milk!

But I now want to sell raw milk, and I'm only going to sell the absolute best milk to my customers. I have gone through the Raw Milk Institute's training about producing milk to the highest standards, and I have made serious, major, consequential changes to the way I do things. First of all, we built a dedicated dairy facility with a tidy milking parlor and milk processing room. Second, I am using a milking machine (rather than milking by hand into an open pail) which keeps the milk clean as it leaves the cow. Third, I am chilling the milk in an ice bath so that it cools to 40F in an hour. This is good milk.

Jars of grass fed raw milk
Jars of milk

Almost There

I'm excited to sell delicious, top quality milk. I just have a few final steps to take so that I am meeting all requirements for my insurance company before I can begin sales, but I am almost there. I am now offering pre-orders for people who want to get on my milk subscribers list! (At the time of writing this post, my website is not actually published, so if the link doesn't work, just go to my website's store page. Still getting the hang of this...)

Lynch Lineback cow with newborn calf
Ashmead and her calf

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