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SAFE RAW MILK is No Accident

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

I'm not normally one to brag, but I feel like I deserve it right now.

In the past couple of weeks, I have had both an insurance inspector and a state dairy inspector come to my farm to inspect my raw milk operation. They were both very impressed with the quality of the facility and my dedication to producing the highest quality milk.

The state dairy inspector even wrote on his report "Nice facility!"

Most small raw milk producers do the bare minimum they have to to meet legal standards. Most don't tell their insurance that they sell raw milk, because they don't want to have to do what the insurance companies require to ensure safety. You can sometimes buy raw milk from larger dairies that ship their milk to plants, but that's even worse, because that milk is destined to get pasteurized so they have lower standards than raw milk producers.

Does it even matter, though? Haven't people been drinking raw milk for millennia, milk that was produced in less sanitary conditions than we have now?

Yes--and no.

Yes, people have been drinking raw milk for thousands of years, and it was so good for them that some scientists speculate that dairy enabled humans to migrate to and thrive in northern climates.

But, humans back then, even humans just a hundred years ago, were not the same as humans today. They lived in less sanitary conditions. They didn't take antibiotics or use hand sanitizer. They didn't eat processed foods that led to compromised gut health. They didn't have the blessing of things like chemotherapy which, while life saving, leads to compromised immune systems.

People get sick today, all the time, from raw milk that was produced in unsanitary conditions. They even get hospitalized. Kids and old folks.

That's why I have put so much effort and money into doing it right, because I want to earn the trust of people who put their family's health in my hands. I love my customers, and I take my responsibility to their health seriously.

I recently sent out milk samples to be tested, and sure enough, it passed with flying colors. Proof that my hard work is paying off!

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