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Why I love having a whole or half hog in the freezer

For years I only bought a few packages of meat at a time. I had to go to the store if I ran out. I will never go back... I love having a freezer full of meat!

I like to eat, but I don't like to cook. I don't generally plan meals ahead of time. On a typical day, it's about 2:00 before I start thinking about what I should make for dinner.

Happily, when you have a freezer full of tender, juicy, nutritious pork, you can get away with procrastinating dinner and still whip up a delicious meal with hardly any forethought!! Just grab whatever cut out of the freezer that sounds good, defrost it, and figure out a quick side to go with it. Easy!

When you buy pork in bulk you have such a variety of cuts. When I buy meat from a store, I tend to stick to the cheapest few cuts. Because I'm cheap. But when you buy a whole or half hog, you get EVERYTHING on the animal, all the good stuff, and for less than you pay for the cheap cuts.

And let's not forget that when you buy one of my pigs, you are getting the best quality pasture raised, organic fed meat at wholesale pricing. Who doesn't love a deal like that?!

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