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There is a secret part of farm life that outsiders never get to see. Those split seconds where a sunrise or an animal just melt my heart with their beauty. Moments that are worth capturing.


When things slow down in the winter, I have time to paint and draw, so I pull out the pictures I've taken of my farm and let the art flow.


The images above are available as originals and/or prints, with the exception of the pencil protrait.


The portrait above is included as an example of my style should you be interested in commissioning your own custom portraits. I am available for custom paintings and drawings after the holidays in the winter.


If you wish to commission custom art, reach out to me first to discuss the feasibility of the project. There is a $100 deposit option to purchase for custom art.


Prices for originals and custom art (extreme amounts of detail will increase price):

Pencil Portraits = $100/face or major object

Acrylic Paintings 

  • 4x6 = $100
  • 8x10 = $200
  • 9x12 = $300
  • 16x16 = $450
  • 16x20 = $500
  • 16x24 = $550
  • 20x30 = $800
  • 24x36 = $1000


Please come to the farm or the Morrisville farmer's market to pick up your art.

Farm Art - Prints, Originals, and Custom

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