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Pork is delicious, and there are so many amazing things you can do with it. But so often we just make the same boring pork chops because that seems like the easiest thing to do.


Cooking delicious pork isn't hard. And you don't have to have a grill or a smoker. You just need a good cut of meat and to know how to turn it into more creative dishes.  Here is the inspiration you need.


This beautifully crafted recipe book has instructions for how to make:

  • maple ribs
  • pulled pork
  • maple ginger pork belly
  • pork roast
  • healthy ramen
  • and brined pork chops


When you "purchase" this (it's free), you will be given a link to download the pdf in your purchase confirmation, plus a link will be emailed to you.

FREE Beyond Pork Chops Recipe E-book

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