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Did you raise your own pig because you want to have control over every aspect of the food you eat, but you hate relying on the butcher for that final, most important step, processing? Save money, stop worrying about getting on the butcher's wait list, and learn how to process your hog at home!


Bring your freshly slaughtered pig to Between the Trees Farm and get personal step by step instruction on how to turn it from an animal on the hoof to cuts in the freezer. On day 1, Hilary will teach you a streamlined method of gutting and skinning, and you will finish by cutting the carcass into halves. Day 2, once the halves have chilled, you will cut the halves into primals, and the primals into freezer ready cuts.


If you feel confident doing some of these steps yourself, you only have to pay for the help you need. For instance, you can bring the carcass already gutted and skinned and skip Day 1. Or if you want to break down the second half yourself after receiving instruction on the first half, feel free! Choose which combination of help suits your needs.


To help you remember the steps you go through, Hilary will email you a digital booklet she wrote and illustrated for free, or you can purchase a hard copy.


It is important to process pigs when the weather is frosting at night if you rely on nature to chill your carcass. Fall and spring are the best options. Winter is also a possibility. It gets nippy working outside in the winter, but we have a root cellar that we can chill and cut up the carcass in once it is in halves. If you need to process a pig in the summer, best have a butcher with a walk in cooler do it for you.


Because this is a custom class, there are no pre-set dates for it. We do not work on Sundays, so we'll plan around that. Please contact us so that we can choose a date that works for both of us, then purchase this class and we will get that pig in your freezer!

Personal Home Butchery Instruction

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