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Between the Trees Farm
"Grown in Vermont. Better for you, better for the land."


Grass-fed Raw Milk and Pasture Raised Pork

Lynch Lineback cows grazing in front of barn

Are you looking to improve your family's health?

Our products nourish without causing inflammation. With our grass fed raw milk in the fridge and a freezer full of pasture raised pork, you will always have the beginnings of healthy snacks and meals that your family will love.

Mangalitsa sow close up
Lynch Lineback cows mother and newborn

Between the Trees Farm seeks to produce wholesome and delicious food grown in a manner that improves animal welfare, the soil, water-shed, and air quality. We breed heritage Lynch Lineback cows for our herd and seek to spread breeding stock to other small farms and homesteads. Our pigs are a cross between Mangalitsa, which is considered a delicacy, and Idaho Pasture Pigs. The farming practices we use have been proven to increase soil quality and decrease carbon footprint, while providing our animals with happy and healthy living conditions.

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