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Between the Trees Farm
"Grown in Vermont. Better for you, better for the land."


Grass-fed Raw Milk, Pasture Raised Pork, 

Homesteading Skills Classes & Livestock


Do you love the idea of buying a half hog to make it easy to feed your family healthy food,
but you feel intimidated by it?

Then you need our free e-book, Cooking Your Way Through a Half Hog: Tips and Recipes

Click here to download your recipe book!

Are you looking to improve your family's health, and eat family dinners with home cooked meals?

With our grass fed raw milk in the fridge and a freezer full of pasture raised pork, you will always have the beginnings of healthy snacks and home cooked meals that your family will love.


Hilary and Ashmead on the milking stand.

Table set for a 30 Minute Mozzarella cheese making class.

You want animal products that are good for  your health, animal welfare, and the earth.


We have what you need.


If you love the idea that raw, grass-fed milk will help your family feel their best, but you are not sure how to use raw milk, we've got you covered. 


Download the e-book below.

Free E-Book: Raw Milk Essentials, for Busy People Who Want to be Healthy

Click here to download

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