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Cooking Your Way Through a Half Hog: Tips and Recipes

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Buying Process in a Nutshell

Retail Pork Cuts:

1. To buy pork on farm, come Monday - Saturday, 9 - 5, to the dairy which is the red building beyond our log cabin. Let yourself in through the left door, and again through the next door. This will put you in the Milk Room. You will find a freezer in the milk room with cuts of meat. Select the cuts of meat you want.


As you face the door that you came through, you will notice a black box to the left of that door, this is the payment box. There are receipts and a pen in the box. Write down the cuts of meat you took and their weights x the price per pound, and calculate the cost for that cut of meat. Add up your purchase and put the white copy of the receipt with your payment in the slot of the payment box. Alternately, you may pay by venmo. There is a venmo code to scan above the payment box. If you pay by venmo, please still fill out a receipt and note on it that you paid by venmo.


2. To buy pork at the Morrisville Farmers' Market (Saturdays 9 - 1 in the Hannaford's Plaza, May - October),

    a) just show up and purchase whatever is available, or...

    b) if you want to make sure that I bring and reserve for you exactly the cuts that you want, fill out this form by 10:00 a.m. Friday morning, the day before the market. I will calculate your total and send an invoice for you to pay by Friday evening. Pay it online. The next day, all you have to do is show up at the market and claim your order. Easy!

Whole or Half Hog:

1. Purchase one deposit for a half hog, or two deposits for a whole hog.

2. When the time of harvest draws near, we will email you with the harvest date. We will give the butcher your contact information.​

This is a good time to read our free e-book, Cooking Your Way Through a Half Hog (which can be downloaded below), and read through the Custom Cutting 101 section if you want to be familiar with the ways a hog can be broken down into cuts prior to talking to the butcher.


Or, you can just rely on the butcher to guide you through the choices.

3. The butcher will contact you when they are ready to start cutting up your half/s to write down how you want them to cut up your meat (the cut sheet). They will also tell you the final hanging weight of your meat, which allows us to calculate your final price.​

4. You pay us the balance price of your hog, and pay the butcher their cutting fee.

5. Go to the butcher to pick up your meat. Bring coolers so it stays frozen on the drive home.​

6. Enjoy the healthiest and most delicious pork you have ever tasted for months to come!

Raw Milk:

On Farm

1. Purchase the amount of milk that you want (half gallon, gallon, or 2 gallons).

2. Contact us and we can figure out a good time for you to come by the farm to get your milk. 

3. Come at your appointed time. You don't need to bring jars, but you should bring a chilled cooler to keep your milk cold on the way home. (If you don't want to have to bring back our jars and lids, like if you live far away, then DO bring your own.)

4. If you love the milk and want to keep getting milk from us each week, we will set up a weekly pick up day for you and you will pay by cash or check in future weeks. Bring back your clean jars and lids each week.

5. Feel good because you are making a healthy choice that will have far reaching effects in you and your family's life!

At the Morrisville Farmers' Market (Saturdays 9 - 1, may - October at the Hannaford's Plaza):

By state law, we cannot sell you milk at the market that has not been prepaid.

1. Email or call us us by Friday at 10:00 a.m. the day before the market to check for availability and to pay. There is a $5 jar deposit in addition to the cost of the milk that will be refunded when you return the clean, undamaged jar and lid to us at the end of the season, or whenever you are done with it.

2. Show up at the farmers' market on Saturday and take your milk. Bring a chilled cooler to keep it cold on your way home. We will have you sign a jar exchange agreement, and collect your contact information (which is required by the state for raw milk sales). If you will want milk again the following week, prepay for it when you pick up. This cycle can continue as long as you desire to continue buying our raw milk.

3. When you are done getting milk from us, return your clean, undamaged lid and jar and we will refund your jar and lid deposit.


1. Purchase the class that you want on the date that you want.

2. Come to our farm on that date and time.


For soap and cheese classes, you don't have to bring anything (unless you chose the BYOM--bring your own milk--option for the aged cheese class).


Personal butchery class participants need to bring the slaughtered animal and a good skinning knife, materials to wrap your meat in (such as plastic wrap, butcher paper, or vacuum seal bags), plus weather appropriate clothing.

3. Leave with a new skill and a farm crafted product that you can feel good about sharing with your family!


1. Purchase the number and type of animals you want. We try to keep piglet numbers up to date, but it's always a good idea to contact us first to make sure that we have what you want, or find out when we expect another batch of pigs to be ready.


If you are interested in a lineback heifer or bull, please contact us about availability.


2. Contact us to schedule a pick up time.


3. When you come, bring an appropriate way to transport live animals. We have found that sturdy wire dog crates are a good option for piggies. If you will be putting them in the bed of your pick up and the weather is cold or wet, please strap a tarp around the crate to keep your pigs from catching something nasty.

4. When you bring your animals home, remember that they will have no idea where they are and they will be scared to death. They will want to run away. Have a very secure place to keep them for the first few days before introducing them to a pasture with electric fencing.


Submit by 10 a.m. Friday before market

Pork Pre-order for Farmers' Market

Cuts and Prices per Pound:

boneless chops: $13

Boston butt roast: $11

bacon: $16

bacon ends: $15

fresh ham steak: $11

sirloin cutlets: $13

brats: $15

maple sausage: $15

tenderloin (limited availability): $16

ribs (spare, baby back): $10

smoked jowls (similar to bacon): $16

leaf fat: $6

back fat: $5

soup bones: $4

Select the cuts you want:

Thanks for submitting!

We will send you an invoice to pay by Friday evening before market. Then all you have to do is show up at the Farmers' Market and take your pork home.


120 Birchwood Drive

Lowell Vermont 05847



Opening Hours

Mon - Sat

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Please call if you want to come visit so we don't miss you!

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If GPS tells you to take Mink Farm Rd, Cheney Rd, or Kempton Hill Rd, DON'T do it.

From the north, take VT Rt 58 to Mines Rd to Birchwood Dr. 

From the south, take North Rd in Eden Mills, which becomes Mines Rd in Lowell. Birchwood Dr is on Mines Rd.

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