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Honey Cashew Fudge Recipe

Do you love to drink a glass of cold milk with chocolate chip cookies or chocolate cake, and wish there was a chocolatey--but healthy--alternative to processed snack foods loaded with refined sugar? If you like chocolate, you will love this! It's my favorite thing to eat with a glass of milk.

This raw fudge features cashews, honey, and cocoa powder blended together into a fudgy, almost nutella-like concoction. It's a whole, nourishing food, so don't feel guilty if you eat it every day.

1 lb cashews ("mylk" grade)*

4.5 oz cocoa powder

18 oz coconut oil

4.5 oz honey

.5 tsp salt

Measure the oil by placing a saucepan on your kitchen scale and turning it on, then scoop oil into it until it reads either 18 oz or 1 lb 2 oz. Melt the oil in the sauce pan on the stove, then pour into a blender pitcher.

Add the cashews to the pitcher. Blend on medium for about 45 seconds, or until smooth. Turn off blender.

Now place the blender pitcher on the scale and turn it on. Weigh the cocoa and honey by scooping them into the pitcher. Add salt.

Stir with a spoon to incorporate the cocoa powder down into the nut butter. Blend for another 15 seconds or so, till well mixed. Pour into a jar.

For a pleasant crunch, substitute an ounce of cocoa nibs for an ounce of cocoa powder before you blend the second time.

Because of the coconut oil, this fudge is very temperature sensitive. It melts at 76F, and it gets rather hard down in the 60'sF. My favorite is when it's soft but not melted, so about 70F. I try to store it somewhere that is the right temperature, depending on the time of year.

I actually make twice this much in a batch, but it's a strain on my blender. Try making this much, and see if you think your blender can handle more.

*You can substitute any nuts, but almonds are more of a work out for a blender. You could also use peanut butter.

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